Research Team


The research mission of the Kshipra Simulations is to produce disseminate knowledge in mechanical sciences and engineering for the benefit of our students, professions and the common good. The research by our people is creative, diverse, collaborative, interdisciplinary and impactful.


Our research is build on the foundations of the disciplines of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering: Fluids and Thermal Sciences, Solid Mechanics and Materials, Dynamics and Control & Design and Manufacturing. Much of our research is applicable to many applications, not just the five above.



  • With some of the most expert faculty in mechanical and aerospace engineering and theoretical and applied mechanics
  • With researchers from various institutions who work in academia, industry, and government
  • With some of the talented students



  • Pioneering advancements in aerodynamics, fluid dynamics, materials and aerospace systems
  • Finding real-world solutions to today’s most urgent problems


Distinguish Yourself

  • With a multidisciplinary approach to mechanical and aerospace engineering
  • As an innovative thinker and academic leader
  • With the Kshipra name, network, and reputation