Foundation Program

The beginner module gives student a basic understanding of Computer Aided Engineering and also offers a basic understanding in basic Engineering concepts such as Strength of Materials, Elements of Machine Design and Finite Element Methods. This would give the student a brief oversight into the world of CAE as well as Design & Simulation Engineering.

Duration: 40 Hours

Intermediate Type Certification Program

The intermediate course will contain the material offered in the Basic course in a more advanced way and in much more depth. This course will teach the student the basic design philosophy in engineering design, study of material properties affecting the component design as well as the strength test checks on the components. Failure theories as also taught as well as an understanding on vibrations and its effects on engineering components.

Duration: 90 Hours

Advanced Certification Program

This module includes the syllabus of the both the intermediate and the basic course. This course offers a deeper insight into the verification of the FEM results. It also teaches the student as how to obtain a practical validation to the problem with traditional equations as well as show the student how to conduct a sensitivity analysis to check on the same. This course also offers an in-depth look into Design of Experiments part of ANSYS Workbench.

Duration: 200 Hours