ANSYS Simulation Tool Training: STRUCTURAL

We teach a broad range of topics covering anything from the basic physical concepts to advanced modeling techniques, Kshipra Simulations Pvt. Ltd. Offers training solutions that are designed to provide both comprehensive and subject-specific knowledge needed to effectively apply ANSYS software tools to solve current, everyday engineering problems.

We help train anyone from a novice who is new to engineering simulation or a highly skilled specialist who wants to step into engineering simulations and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) be it anyone, Kshipra provides the guidance and training platform needed to succeed in this highly competitive world.

Now, with our partnership with ANSYS, we offer training with the most updated and latest software in our training. It also includes hands-on sessions for a better understanding and grasping of the knowledge taught.

Kshipra offers 3 courses covering all of the important  concepts and key design aspects needed by a design engineer. These modules and coursework is designed around industry based needs and practice Indutry’s best practices in Design  and utilizing Standard Codes and Thumb Rules. The courses are:


Kshipra Simulations offers individual training programs in Structural Analysis. The various ANSYS Products we offer under training are:

  • ANSYS Mechanical
  • ANSYS Structural Non-linearities
  • ANSYS Linear and Non-linear Dynamics
  • ANSYS Mechanical Heat Transfer
  • ANSYS Advanced Contacts
  • ANSYS Design modeller& Meshing (Pre-processing)
  • ANSYS Meshing
  • ANSYS DesignXplorer for Design Optimization
  • ANSYS Composites Simulation