Research and Development (R&D) plays a pivotal role in the structure and growth of KSHIPRA and the fulfillment of its vision. The company has created robust R&D foundation that enables the design of state-of-art services by leveraging skills from around the globe. Our research field has always been dynamic and applied its experience to identify the primary needs of this capricious environment. Our focused research, evolving development and cutting-edge technology have made KSHIPRA a market leader in the field of Mechanical Engineering & Design.

Kshipra has developed a service portfolio that contains solutions to meet varied customer needs. KSHIPRA has established itself in emerging fields such as aircraft & spacecraft design, vehicle engineering, analysis of machinery, robotics, mechatronics, alternative energy (e.g., wind), the safety & stability of civil structures, multi-scale modeling and design optimization.

To leverage the thought leadership, you can find several papers referencing KSHIPRA that have been published in technical journals and presented at industry conferences, for example:

  • ASME



  • NAFEMS etc.,

Whether you are striving to research new simulation methodologies or develop innovative product designs, KSHIPRA Simulations can help you achieve your goals.

Notable Publications