Consultancy Services                                                                   

If  you want results you can trust and the flexibility of working with extremely  skilled engineers who know simulation & analysis  and how it’s applied to engineering problems like yours, KSHIPRA is a team you can rely on to improve your product development process.

We provide consulting support based on your specific needs and requirements. This could range from performing analysis for you on a project basis.


Knowledge Transfer                                                                               

The KSHIPRA Engineering Services team will perform simulations for you and then  use the simulation as a basis for transferring the necessary knowledge to your staff. We do this through a step-by-step approach of training your team on the process we used to setup, simulate and post process your simulation.This ensures your teams are ready to successfully apply simulation to future design projects.


Simulation Projects                                                                                 

If you only need to do analysis infrequently, the KSHIPRA Engineering Services team offers Simulation projects and consulting to tackle your toughest problems. Our services team will work with you to understand your goals and your design problem first. Once we know what you are trying to accomplish, we will gather from you the necessary data such as CAD models, physical test data, and materials data, and then run your simulation for you.


On-site Support

On-site support can be a true life saver when you are in a situation where it is imperative that an  expert be available at your facility when needed for either a short period of time,or the entire length of a design project which can sometimes be weeks, months or even years. You can always count on the KSHIPRA Services team to provide the flexibility to work with you whenever you are in a situation of needing on-site support. We have a team of experts across many engineering disciplines and industries, as well as in-depth knowledge of CAE and simulation.


Methods Development

KSHIPRA Engineering Services experts evaluate your simulation needs and work with your staff to determine how to use simulation software to efficiently simulate your problem.

Recent methods development projects include:


  • Static – Linear & Non Linear (Geometric, Contact & Material)

  • Dynamic – Modal, Harmonic, Transient & Random Vibration

  • Fatigue – Lifing, Durability, Multiaxial and vibration; optimization

  • Explicit – Impact, crash, post buckling


  • Seal Analysis

  • Weight & Shape optimization

  • Forming and Forging

  • Contact & Material Non Linearity

  • Multi-body dynamics


  • Rotor Dynamics

  • Composite modeling and failure analysis

  • Buckling – Pre & Post